Thursday, December 16, 2004

Newsgator - I'm pleased but not excited

I finally set up an newsgator account. Now I don't have to mark articles twice as read (at home and at work). So far, so good.

But there are some things I don't like that much.
  • Adding a feed could be a lot easier. I have to click 'Add feeds', then 'Add a feed', type the URL and then 'Quick Add' (har har). It could be worse, but it could be better. Why isn't the 'Quick Add' button and box always available, when I read my feeds?
  • While I'm adding my feeds, I see three different tabs on my screen. 1st Level (Home, etc.), 2nd Level (My Feeds, etc.) and third level ('Browse feeds' etc.) which look completely different and the 3rd level feels like it is somewhere else on my screen.
  • Ok, I subscribed to Raymond Chen's Weblog, which is called "The Old New Thing", but I would like to rename it to "Raymond Chen's Weblog". Doesn't seem to be possible.
  • I've been idle over lunch time and I have been logged out. Why?
  • If I find a nice post on someone's blog and want to post something about this on my blog, can I do this directly from newsgator?
Ok, I know they don't charge for this service, and it is nice so far, but I wouldn't spend 6 $ a month for this. Sorry.

[Update] Corrected the awful spelling error in the title (and several others in the text). I should not post while under the influence of alcohol... :-) I apologize to

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