Friday, December 31, 2004

Bob Lefsetz Manifesto

[The] radio industry is hurting the major labels MUCH more than P2P piracy.
Hate to tell you this, but the CD is a DEAD FORMAT! The only people who don't know this are the old line fat cat boomers running the record companies. To copy protect CDs is akin to switching everybody to shorter, more expensive typewriter ribbons.

Sell CDs as long as you can. But why piss people off with copy protection? When the format's lifespan is so limited.

All the lawsuits have done is to scare away the CASUAL music fan. In order for online music to be profitable, EVERYBODY has to partake. The whole COUNTRY must be music crazy. Suing people for file-trading is akin to tobacco companies including a nicotine patch with every pack of cigarettes. The key is to HOOK people, not to WEAN them!!! The higher the price for tracks at online shops, the fewer people who partake. This is the OPPOSITE of coherent business philosophy.
The major labels have succeeded in STIFLING this format, while investing HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars in indie promotion to get their wares on terrestrial radio stations. That's MESSED UP! Go where the LISTENERS ARE! On the Net! Nurture this industry, so some powerhouse stations emerge, and niche stations can SURVIVE! It's all about turning MORE people on to MORE stuff.

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