Saturday, December 18, 2004

I like this guy already :-)

&($%^!@ Spamming &&)_#hole &#$wads
Look, to whoever's magical spam-bot is posting comments on every thread saying "Great Thread!!! Now come to my web site where hot midgets are personally anxious to make your naked acquaintance!!!" - This forum is M-O-D-E-R-A-T-E-D. I mean seriously, all I do is delete them but it takes me about 14 precious seconds of my life every day that I'm never going to get back. I mean, I was going to add Mac products and a free lifetime Xbox live membership for all MSDN Subscribers, but noooooooo, now I don't have time because I'm deleting your posts. So too bad, you just ruined it for everyone.

Go there, download his songs, and buy his stuff - THE POWER OF MICROSOFT COMPELS YOU!!! THE POWER OF MICROSOFT COMPELS YOU!!! - errr, sorry - I forgot for a moment that I'm only allowed to use my Microsoft powers for good.

And oh yeah, if I ever catch the guy who is spamming my feedback, I am going to kill you. Seriously, my laptop is heavy and I know how to use it. Loser.

These are nice as well:

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