Saturday, December 18, 2004

Kommandobrücke I want to try out

But I have a problem: 2000 analog slides. I want to make them digital, but I don't have the 800 Euro for an automatic slide scanner.

Wait, I have some digital photos. They have been taken 1999 with a digital camera. I think we (Vera and I) had a Panasonic DCF-2 camera, 800 x 600 640 x 480 pixel (That is less than half a MegaPixel!). It was the smallest camera available at that time. We had a 2 MB and a 10 MB CompactFlash card. I think that qualifies for being an early adopter.


Girl said...

You said that you shouldn't mixed English with German here, don't you?

What is "Kommandobrücke"?

t-mix said...

Kommandobrücke is German for conning bridge, the room on board of a ship, where the helm is and the captain gives the orders.

I thought Kommandobrücke gives it a nice touch :-)

Girl said...

Thank you, I don't find here.