Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Robert Scoble is gaining on Steve Ballmer

Just did a quick search on the five six Microsoft employees that I can remeber the name and the number of results google claims to know.
  1. Bill Gates: 4.460.000
  2. Don Box: 410.000 (Added)
  3. Steve Ballmer: 304.000
  4. Robert Scoble: 172.000
  5. Raymond Chen: 64.000
  6. Larry Osterman: 27.300
So, Robert is trailling Steve Ballmer :-)

If anybody knows a Microsoft employee with more results from google than Robert Scoble, please let me know.

[Update] And two out of these five I know NOT from their blogs. Go figure.

[Update] Mea Culpa, I forgot Don Box (Godfather of COM, isn't he?). And as someone points out, I could include Chris Anderson and Chris Sells. Asking google about Don, Chris and Chris. Then I take a look who wrote the comment. Chris Sells. Google tells me that Chris is the "Content Strategist for the Longhorn Developer Center web site on MSDN". Good god. The third comment on my blog. And he gets 221.000 results from google.

Ok, here is the updated list:
  1. Bill Gates: 4.460.000
  2. Don Box: 410.000 (Added)
  3. Steve Ballmer: 304.000
  4. Chris Anderson: 289.000
  5. Chris Sells: 221.000
  6. Robert Scoble: 172.000
  7. Raymond Chen: 64.000
  8. Larry Osterman: 27.300
Hope this doesn't turn into Tony's unofficial Microsoft Google-Ranking :-)

Got to check what Chris Anderson and Chris Sells do. They haven't been on my radar until today...


Chris Sells said...

Don Box, Chris Anderson and Chris Sells all score pretty high, too.

Juan Llibre said...

You have to refine your search terms!

If you don't enclose the names in quotes, the results won't be reliable.
Here's the Google results, after enclosing the 7 names in quotes :

"Bill Gates" = 2,380,000
"Steve Ballmer" = 368,000
"Robert Scoble" = 262,000
"Don Box" = 259,000
"Chris Anderson" = 217,000
"Chris Sells" = 148,000
"Raymond Chen" = 63,700
"Larry Osterman" = 24,000



t-mix said...

I did include the quotes. Google results seem to vary...

Today I get 5.100.000 for Bill Gates.