Friday, December 17, 2004

Just corrected the timezone for this blog...

I had put the timezone to New Zealand for this blog, just for fun (and to hide if I should ever blog from work). Sorry if I confused people. I put it back to CET/Berlin.

Its nice to find out about the dynamics of this medium. It seems like I learn a thing everyday.

I'm not sure if I should blog with my full name. I made a conscious decision not to blog with my full name, for several reasons:
  1. If I am pissed off, I want to say that I am pissed off, even if it involves brand names.
  2. I live in Germany, where it is easy for a company to send you a "Abmahnung". This is a piece of paper which states: "You did something wrong, you will sign here that you will never do it again, and if you don't sign it, we will sue you big time. By the way: You owe our lawyer the expenses for this document." So its easy for me to get into trouble if I say something bad.
  3. Our company has no blogging policy, but even the mail-list policy is quite strict. I try not to blog about my current employer or the products we make, but sometimes I can't help to complain. I don't want to get into trouble for this... (Interestingly, I don't have a problem with staying quiet when I have something nice to say)
  4. Quite frankly, I like it that google finds very little about me :-)
But right now, I am thinking, I should come "out of the closet".

Have to think more about this.

A funny thing, as a side note: It seems easier to communicate with people in Redmond, than with the heads of R&D at our company.

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