Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Core Essence of Information

The Core Essence of Information is for me, knowing where the information I get is coming from. If Robert Scoble writes, that MSN Spaces isn't the Blog system he want's to use, than it is something different than, say, Linus Torvald saying he doesn't want to use MSN Spaces (Ok, Linus might be a bad example, but you get the drift)

Now here I find the this (in many points) very stupid policy on blogs by a unnamed newspaper. What really trips me of is the "Such publication of personal opinion casts doubt on their impartiality, ultimately calling into question the newspaper's commitment to fairness." part. If I know, where the staff at the newspaper stands, I know if it's really impartial what they write.

[Update] I would like to point out, that I don't agree with most of the views expressed in Doug Harpers blog other postings. But hey, now I now where he stands.

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